Discover Scuba Diving

This is a one day PADI program that does not result in a certification, but can be credited as your first open water dive towards your PADI open water certification. This program is perfect for people who have been interested in finding out what it is like to breath underwater and experience the underwater world.

We will always give you the option to come with us in one of our swimming pools to try out breathing underwater with one of our instructors and get a feel for what it is like before going out into the sea.

Your day will start with us picking you up at your hotel approximately 7:10 am. We will take you to the pier where you can enjoy some light breakfast and coffee and meet your instructor for the day.

The boat will leave the pier at 8:00 am and on the approximately 1:15 trip out to one of the shallow bays of Koh Tao your instructor will go over the basics of the scuba equipment you will be using and the basic information you will need to know to be safe and have fun underwater.

Upon arrival at Koh Tao, you will start off in very shallow water where the instructor will go over some basic skills with you and make sure you are comfortable and then it is off to explore the beautiful underwater sites of Koh Tao.

After the first dive you will enjoy lunch on either the boat or the beach and take about an hour rest and then it will be off to another site around koh tao for your second dive. By this time you will already see how easy it is to scuba dive and will enjoy just having fun on your second dive.

Upon completion of the second dive the boat will return to Koh Samui and you will get a debriefing of your dive from your instructor, and be able to check out some of the photos from the day.

We will also register your program with PADI for you. Upon completion of the program, your dives will count as credit towards your first dive when you take a future PADI Open water course. Of course, after you see how much fun diving is, we hope you will jump right into getting a full certification.