Scared Of Sharks.. Here’s The Real Skinny On Diving With Jaws.

Few scenes are more ironic than a group of farangs gushing over shark fears while sipping buckets at a palm shaded island beach bar.

Holiday goers are about 30 times more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than be eaten by sharks. Thirty times. So don’t miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime dive experience over false perils unless you’re also clearing rucksack space for a selection of swimwear matching hardhats.

You know what else is more likely to “get” you than a hungry Great White?

Hotdogs, vending machines, cows, deer and champagne corks. Don’t believe us? Google it.

With just four recorded shark attacks (non-deadly) in the Gulf of Thailand over the last 100 years Koh Tao is an extremely safe place for learning to dive.

Settling a Monster Myth Once and For All

Don’t fall into the trap of believing a wealth of tropical marine life creates one giant lunchbox for sharks. It’s just not true. All the people eaters (Bull, Tiger & Great White) prefer colder waters.

When you’re diving with seals there’s the tiniest sliver of a chance you might be mistaken as a member of the Phocidae family in your shiny black wet suit. But guess what? No seals or sea lions off Koh Samui.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Sharks look a whole lot more dangerous than they really are. With dark beady eyes and layer after layer of ultra-sharp teeth it’s been a cakewalk for the media to give sharks a bad name unjustifiably.

Behavioural scientists have concluded that most of the modern day anti-shark sentiment is in fact generated by Hollywood films such as Steven Spielberg’s JAWS. No joke.

If being transported to an unbelievable underwater world doesn’t appeal to you, by all means spend your vacation lounging in a hammock. But if the only thing holding you back from a life changing adventure is concern that you’ll become part of the menu, stop being silly and register for a course.

A Simple 5-Step Process to Relieving Yourself of Shark Fears

Still got jitters?
Don’t let anxiety get the best of you. Overcoming a phobia can be challenging, even when you’ve identified the root cause to be irrational. Tackling a fear of sharks one step at a time makes it easier to feel comfortable strapping on your SCUBA gear.

Do Your Research:
The internet is fully loaded with articles supporting the notion that sharks present very little danger to humans. Browse the facts until you’re satisfied.

Know Your Odds:
The odds of being attacked by a shark are 1 in 11.5 million. This means you’d have to dive all day, every day for 31,500 years before suffering a nibble.

Develop Shark Empathy:
Over 250,000,000 sharks are killed each year by fishermen and “finners”. Realise that sharks should be afraid of us, not the other way round.

Use Common Sense:
Your dive master will teach you how to lessen the risk of encountering sharks on a dive. Most shark attacks are a result of mistaken identity, meaning that avoiding dark, murky water greatly reduces an already miniscule danger.

Face Your Fear:
The only way to truly relinquish your fear is to face it head on with a discovery dive. Be careful, once you fall in love with diving it will be all you ever think about!

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