Technical Diving (TecRec)

Ready to go beyond Rec into Tec?

If you’ve ever seen deep-sea explorers in the movies, looking like something from outer space with all their extra tanks and gadgets, this is technical diving…

With Discovery Dive Centre’s technical diving courses, you could take that bold step to the next level and bridge the gap between recreational and technical diving.

Uncover a world at the far reach of the sport and extend your adventures to reveal places hardly anyone has ever seen.

Untouched wrecks lie at depths well below 40 metres, their stories untold. Deep reef critters live on a different plane to those of the shallows, revealing the startling wonder of nature’s creativity.

Tec diving offers spectacular rewards and presents a challenge for those who enjoy the focus and cutting–edge technology this type of diving brings.

It’s true – you can be an accomplished diver your whole life without stepping into tec. Technical diving isn’t for everyone, because it requires more effort, discipline and equipment. But, if you’re willing to accept the added risks and are motivated, tec diving is an unrivalled experience.

So what actually makes a dive technical?

It involves going beyond recreational scuba diving limits. Diving beyond 40 metres/130 feet, deco stops, overhead environments, switching between different gases and new equipment will become part of your diving proficiency.

Led by our highly experienced TecRec Trainer, Jean-Michel Pelissier, Discovery Dive Centre trains you in PADI TecRec courses – the quality benchmark in the tec diving world.

With the PADI technical education system, we take you from a recreational diver into technical diving, introducing new gear and procedures along the way, to extend your dive limits.

Take a look at our courses to begin your journey:

Discover Tec

This programme is perfect if you’re curious about technical diving but aren’t sure about jumping into a full course.

Discover Tec is a short confined water experience, which lets you wear all the extra tec diving gear for a test dive.

Under the expert supervision of our TecRec Instructor Trainer, you’ll learn a whole new way of diving and go over tec procedures, like the importance of diving in teams.

If the experience leaves you wanting more, Discover Tec can credit towards the Tec 40 course – the first level of technical diving.

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Tec 40

This is where you transition from recreational to technical diving – with the PADI Tec 40 course, you take that first step away from no stop diving to full technical deep decompression diving.

After completing this course, you’ll be qualified to make limited decompression dives to 40 metres.

Our expert TecRec Trainer will teach you about the risks and responsibilities of tec diving, including team diving techniques and emergency procedures. We’ll introduce you to tec diving equipment and how to properly rig it, and you’ll learn how to plan your gas and oxygen limits.

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Tec 45

Ready to take on a serious challenge and make the commitment to become a technical diver?

The PADI Tec 45 course is the second stage in the full PADI Tec Deep Diver programme.

You’ll extend your dive limits even further – to 45 metres – and learn how to make repetitive decompression dives using a single stage/decompression cylinder.

You’ll be diving in a complete tec diving rig and will learn to fine-tune your gas planning and accelerated deco stop calculations.

Ready to think, breathe, sleep tec?

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Tec 50

Getting to this level of technical diving isn’t easy, but earning the PADI Tec 50 qualification is the gateway to deeper diving expeditions and a world of boundless discovery.

On this course, you’ll become a competent technical diver and will be able to make extended, accelerated decompression stops using up to two gases – to a maximum depth of 50 metres.

Our TecRec Instructor Trainer will train you in mission planning and execution, as well as teaching you how to handle emergencies.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is waiting in the deep…

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