Important Things to Know When Getting a PADI Open Water Diver Certification

Getting Padi Certified in Thailand

What is the PADI Open Water Diver Certification?

PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) is an entry-level autonomous diver certification for recreational scuba diving. 

Basic prerequisites when getting a PADI open water diver certification

  • You must be at least 10 years old.
  • Must have the ability to swim 200 metres unaided and then being able to float unaided for 10 minutes.
  • Must be in good physical health. (Note: Certain conditions will require written approval from and medical expert.)

The PADI Open Water Diver course consists of a combination of 3 sections

Knowledge Development

This is the theory section. You will download the PADI eLearning to your own device. From here you will progress through the 5 sections which are broken down into videos, quizzes and a final exam. 

Confined Water Training

This is the training section which will take place in a swimming pool. Here you will master a variety of skills under the direct supervision of an instructor. Your instructor will demonstrate and assist you in mastering a variety of surface and underwater skills.

Open Water Dives

This is where the real stuff begins. You will take 4 open water dives and in each you will demonstrate to your instructor some of the skills that you mastered previously in your Confined Water Training.


At the end of all of this, you will be a newly certified Open Water Diver eligible to dive with a buddy, using open circuit scuba, in open water to a maximum depth of 18 metres and in similar conditions to which you have been trained. 

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